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About Us

Why Re-upholster?
Itís Eco-Friendly, Ergonomic & gives you choice of Style and Ambience.
At RUMA we work from the frame upÖ much like a furniture maker does. We go to the bare frame, strengthen your furniture by tightening the joints and making the furniture to suit your comfort needs

Most of the older furniture is made of solid hardwood frames. Reupholstering the furniture piece will save a good frame from going into a landfill and in turn you will have a frame which is as good as new giving you years of extended use

Ergonomic (comfort)
A good piece of furniture provides comfort and also helps to keep away from back pains. If you have owned a piece of furniture for more than 5 years and are comfortable, it is definitely worth upholstering. We are proud to offer foam core replacements for disintergrated foam

Style and Ambience
Reupholstering enables you to choose from a wide variety of fabrics. More often than not, the upholsterer can also incorporate minor changes to the style of the furniture piece to give it a new and fresh look

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